About Us

Plan 9 Players is located in Miami, Florida. We specialize in creating quirky theater magic and playful live entertainment experiences. We also teach acting classes (for adults or youth.) We are available for hire to create theatrical vibes at your event. Learn more about our services.

Why the Name Plan 9 Players?

Ed Wood is widely considered to be one of the worst movie directors of all time. His “masterpiece” was the 1959 science fiction film, ‘Plan 9 from Outer Space.’ What Ed lacked in talent, he made up for with enthusiasm. We love that about Ed. We can relate. So we pay homage to Ed Wood with our name. If you are interested, you can actually watch the entire Plan 9 movie online, free and legally, here.

Our Founder

Samuel Chesser has a 20-year business and marketing background, as well as experience in theater, art and education. Sam is the Founder and Executive Director of Plan 9 Players. He is also the President of Wolf Adventure and the Artistic Director of Little Revolt. In addition, Sam has served on several non-profit boards devoted primarily to supporting youth, education, and the arts.